Updated 20 August 2015

Caveat: I'll occasionally confirm a player's status with someone in the organization, but on the whole, this is my personally constructed list, not a team press release. Don't plan your life events around its accuracy. Let me know at @scottrlucas if you see a mistake.

--2 = Player was eligible previous season and not selected (--3 = 3rd year eligible)
IFA = International Free Agent
IFA19 = International Free Agent signed over age of 18 (affects eligiblity)
* = IFA who signed contract for subsequent season (most are signed this way). A typical 2013 J2 won't be R5 eligible until after 2018. Some players signed between January 1 and July 1 and began playing that season, and their clock starts immediately.
NDFA = non-drafted free agent

Not listed: Most international free agents who haven't reached the US, many AAA vets.

Baseball America preseason top 30 in bold.

After 2015 / Potential FA After 2015 After 2016 After 2017 After 2018 After 2019
US Players Signed by Texas
LHP Chad Bell (2009/14)
International Free Agents
LHP Luis Parra (2008*/IFA)
Other Free Agents
C Alex Burg
LHP Edwar Cabrera
RHP Jefri Hernandez
RHP Francisco Mendoza
RHP Jesus Pirela
US Players Signed by Texas
OF Trever Adams (2011/16) -- 2
OF Preston Beck (2012/5)
OF Royce Bolinger (2012/6)
RHP Cody Buckel (2010/2) -- 2
C Pat Cantwell (2012/3)
OF Zach Cone (2011/1s) -- 2
C Kellin Deglan (2010/1) -- 2
OF Jared Hoying (2010/10) -- 3
LHP Will Lamb (2011/2) -- 2
C David Lyon (2012/34)
C Brett Nicholas (2010/6) -- 3
LHP Jimmy Reyes (2010/7) -- 3
IF Drew Robinson (2010/4) -- 2
RHP Connor Sadzeck (2011/11) -- 2
LHP Ryne Slack (2012/NDFA)
International Free Agents
RHP Dario Beltre (2009*/IFA) - 2
OF Jose Cardona (2011/IFA)
IF Elio Castillo (2010*/IFA)
OF Diego Cedeno (2010/IFA) - 2
OF Chris Garia (2009*/IFA) - 2
RHP Angelo Leclerc (2010*/IFA19) - 3
RHP Jose Leclerc (2010*/IFA)
LHP Frank Lopez (2010*/IFA)
IF Luis Marte (2010*/IFA)
IF Luis Mendez (2009*/IFA) - 2
RHP Richelson Pena (2011/IFA)
RHP David Perez (2009*/IFA) - 2
RHP Ricardo Rodriguez (2010*/IFA)
LHP Victor Payano (2010/IFA) - 2
IF Alberto Triunfel (2010*/IFA)
RHP Kelvin Vasquez (2011/IFA)
RHP Jose Valdespina (2011/IFA)
Trade Acquisitions / Others
US Players Signed by Texas
OF Lewis Brinson (2012/1)
OF Ryan Cordell (2013/11)
RHP Chris Dula (2013/25)
RHP Nick Gardewine (2013/7)
C Joe Jackson (2013/5)
C Sherman Lacrus (2013/27)
RHP David Ledbetter (2013/3)
RHP Ryan Ledbetter (2013/19)
C Charles Moorman (2012/17)
LHP Derek Thompson (2013/12)
IF Evan Van Hoosier (2013/8)
RHP Collin Wiles (2012/1s)
RHP Cole Wiper (2013/10)
RHP Sam Wolff (2013/6)
International Free Agents
OF Jairo Beras (2012/IFA)
OF Oliver Caraballo (2011*/IFA)
RHP Felix Carvallo (2011*/IFA)
IF Ronald Guzman (2011*/IFA)
C Carlos Garay (2011*/IFA)
RHP Omarlin Lopez (2012*/IFA19)
LHP Yohander Mendez (2011*/IFA)
OF Nomar Mazara (2011*/IFA)
OF Eduard Pinto (2011*/IFA)
Trade Acquisitions
US Players Signed by Texas
IF Travis Demeritte (2013/1)
LHP Nick Dignacco (2014/40)
RHP John Fasola (2014/31)
LHP Joe Filomeno (2014/15)
RHP Reed Garrett (2014/16)
RHP Nick Green (2014/7)
RHP Jason Hoppe (2014/27)
RHP Pat Kaminska (2014/NDFA)
IF Isiah Kiner-Falefa (2013/4)
RHP Lucas Lanphere (2013/21)
LHP Brett Martin (2014/4)
LHP Shane McCain (2014/NDFA)
RHP Austin Pettibone (2014/24)
RHP Cody Palmquist (2014/30)
LHP Joseph Palumbo (2013/30)
RHP Adam Parks (2014/33)
RHP Storm Rynard (2014/34)
C Seth Spivey (2014/10)
RHP Erik Swanson (2014/8)
OF Luke Tendler (2014/29)
IF Jose Trevino (2014/6)
OF Doug Votolato (2014/9)
RHP Joe Watson (2014/12)
RHP Scott Williams (2014/11)
LHP Sterling Wynn (2014/21)
International Free Agents
OF Carlos Arroyo (2012*/IFA)
RHP Ariel Jurado (2012*/IFA)
OF Todd McDonald (2013/IFA)
IF Juremi Profar (2012*/IFA)
Trade Acquisitions
US Players Signed by Texas
RHP Gio Abreu (2014/14)
LF Darius Day (2014/23)
IF Tiquan Forbes (2014/2)
IF Joshua Morgan (2014/3)
RHP Luis Ortiz (2014/1)
C Isaias Quiroz (2014/20)
International Free Agents
OF Jose Almonte (2013*/IFA)
IF Michael De Leon (2013*/IFA)
RHP Emerson Martinez (2013*/IFA)
IF Yeyson Yrizarri (2013*/IFA)
US Players Signed by Texas
International Free Agents