Updated 19 November 2013

nd = non-drafted free agent
'd' after a draft year = draft-and-follow
'a' after signing year = signed after season completed

Note 1: Some Latin players are difficult to pin down in terms of when their clock started ticking; they're in italics. This list doesn't include every Latin player in organization -- too many to track. I usually wait until they play stateside before adding. Email if you have any questions or corrections.

Note 2: 2012-2013 draftees not included yet.

R5-eligible for 1st time after 2013 R5-eligible after 2013, also eligible previously ("3" = 3rd time eligible) 6-year minor-league free agents after 2013 if not protected
Name Pos Draft
Alvarez, Richard P nd-08a
Delossantos, Abel P nd-09
Hoying, Jared OF 2010
Mavare, Arlett P nd-08a
McBride, Nick P 2009
Mendez, Luis SS nd-09
Nicholas, Brett 1B 2010
Parra, Luis P nd-08a
Perez, Santo P nd-09
Rojas, Randol P nd-08a
Reyes, Jimmy P 2010
Rodebaugh, Ryan P 2010
Strausborger, Ryan OF 2010
Name Pos Draft
Bell, Chad P 2009
Bianucci, Michael (3) OF 2008
Bleier, Richard (3) P 2008
Buchholz, Alex (3) IF 2008
Felix, Jose (3) C nd-08
Garcia, Edwin IF nd-07
Herrera, Odubel IF nd-08
Martinez, Teodoro OF nd-08
Mendonza, Francisco P nd-08
Miclat, Greg (3) IF 2008
Monegro, Jose P nd-08
Telis, Tomas C nd-07
Torres, Kevin 1B 2008
Tufts, Tyler (3) P 2008
Zaneski, Zach (3) C nd-08
Name Pos Draft
Brigham, Jake P 2006
Pimentel, Carlos P nd-06
Rodriguez, Guilder IF nd-01
Solarte, Yangervis IF nd-06
Yan, Johan P nd-05a
R5-eligible for 1st time after 2014 R5-eligible for 1st time after 2015 R5-eligible for 1st time after 2016
Name Pos Draft
Adams, Trever 1B 2011
Akins, Jordan OF 2010
Alberto, Hanser SS nd-09a
Alfaro, Jorge C nd-10
Buckel, Cody P 2010
Claudio, Alexander P 2010
Cone, Zach OF 2011
Deglan, Kellin C 2010
Dennis, Taylor P 2011
Edmonds, Guy C nd-10
EIckhoff, Jerad P 2011
Garia, Chris OF nd-09 *
Grayson, Chris OF 2011
Kukuruda, John P 2010
Jackson, Luke P 2010
Klein, Phil P 2011
Lamb, Will P 2011
Martinez, Nick P 2011
Onaka, Hiritoshi OF nd-10a
Payano, Victor P nd-10
Perez, David P nd-09a
Rua, Ryan IF 2011
Robinson, Drew IF 2010
Sadzeck, Connor P 2011
Skole, Jake OF 2010
Vickerson, Nick IF 2011
Name Pos Draft
Castro, Kyle P 2011
Faulkner, Andrew P 2011
Johnson, Saquan OF 2011
Lopez, Frank P nd-10a
Marte, Luis IF nd-10a
Matthews, Kevin P 2011
Odor, Rougned IF nd-10a
Urbanus, Nick IF nd-11
Valdespina, Jose P nd-11
Asher, Alec P 2012
Beck, Preston OF 2012
Bolinger, Royce OF 2012
Bores, Ryan P  
Brooks, Eric P  
Burns, Joe P  
Harvey, Ryan P  
Kela, Keone P  
Kendall, Cody P  
McElwee, Josh P  
Niggli, John P  
Roa, Gabe IF  
Schiller, Cam IF  
Serrato, Barret IF  
Smith, Tyler P  
Stafford, Sam P  
Name Pos Draft
R5-eligible for 1st time after 2017
Name Pos Draft