Updated 9 August 2017

Caveat: This is NOT an official list. I'll occasionally confirm a player's status with someone in the organization, but on the whole, this is my personally constructed list. Don't plan your life around its accuracy. Let me know at @scottrlucas if you see a mistake.

Players signed at age 18 or younger are eligible for the Rule 5 draft after their fifth season. Those 19 or older are eligible after four years. Eligibility is based on when players sign. Service time does not matter.

In general, players off the 40-man roster can become free agents after seven seasons. (The term "six-year free agent" is a bit misleading, as it applies to six contract renewals, not seasons.) Service time does affect free agency. International free agents who don't play the year they signed (as is common) belong to the team for seven seasons after they sign. Players who miss significant time with injury (Tommy John, e.g.) might belong to the team beyond seven seasons.

For draft eligible players, the numbers in parentheses are the draft year and round. "FA" means the player signed as a free agent. "--2" means the player was R5-eligible previous season and not selected ("--3" = 3rd year eligible).

For international free agents, the number in parentheses is the signing year. "a" means the player signed after the season and gets an extra year of protection from the R5 draft. Most signees are 18 or younger. "/19" means the player was 19 or older and becomes R5-eligible after four years instead of five.

Not listed: 2017 draft picks and J2s, most international free agents who haven't reached the US, many AAA vets.

Potential Free Agents After 2017 After 2018 After 2019 After 2020 After 2021
These players have spent their entire careers with Texas and can become free agents after 2017 if not protected.
US Players Signed by Texas
LHP Jimmy Reyes
C Kevin Torres
International Free Agents
IF Luis Mendez (2009a)
OF Jose Cardona (2011) *
IF Elio Castillo (2010a) *
IF Luis Marte (2010a) *
RHP Richelson Pena (2011) *
RHP Jose Valdespina (2011) *
RHP Kelvin Vasquez (2011) *
These players were offseason signings or trade acquisitions. I'm ignoring most of the AAA vets
1B Eric Aguilera
RHP Clayton Cook
OF Matt Lipka
OF Michael O'Neill
RHP Tayler Scott
RHP Walker Weickel
RHP Grant Zawadzki
RHP Xavier Moore
Draft Picks Signed by Texas
OF Preston Beck (2012/5) -- 3
LHP Wes Benjamin (2014/5)
OF Royce Bolinger (2012/6) -- 3
LHP Nick Dignacco (2014/40)
RHP John Fasola (2014/31)
LHP Joe Filomeno (2014/15)
RHP Nick Gardewine (2013/7) - 2
RHP Reed Garrett (2014/16)
C/IF Isiah Kiner-Falefa (2013/4)
RHP Lucas Lanphere (2013/21)
RHP David Ledbetter (2013/3) - 2
C David Lyon (2012/34) - 3
LHP Brett Martin (2014/4)
LHP Shane McCain (2014/FA)
RHP Sal Mendez (2013/40)
C Charles Moorman (2012/17) - 2
RHP Cody Palmquist (2014/30)
LHP Joseph Palumbo (2013/30)
RHP Adam Parks (2014/33)
RHP Austin Pettibone (2014/24)
LHP Ryne Slack (2012/FA) -- 3
LHP Matt Smoral (2012/1) - 2
OF Luke Tendler (2014/29)
IF Jose Trevino (2014/6)
IF Evan Van Hoosier (2013/8) - 2
RHP Collin Wiles (2012/1s) - 2
RHP Scott Williams (2014/11)
RHP Cole Wiper (2013/10) - 2
RHP Sam Wolff (2013/6) - 2
International Free Agents
OF Jose Almonte (2013)
RHP Edgar Arredondo (2013)
OF Jairo Beras (2012) - 2
RHP Ronny Carvajal (2013)
IF Andretty Cordero (2013)
IF Michael De Leon (2013)
C Carlos Garay (2011a) - 2
RHP Jon. Hernandez (2013)
RHP Ariel Jurado (2012a)
RHP Johan Juan (2013)
RHP Ismel Lopez (2013a/19)
RHP Emerson Martinez (2013)
OF Todd McDonald (2013)
RHP Pedro Payano (2011a) -- 2
C Yohel Pozo (2013)
IF Juremi Profar (2012) - 2
RHP Argenis Rodriguez (2013)
RHP Samir Vivas (2013)
Trade Acquisitions / Others
RHP Matt Ball (2013/11)
LHP Brady Feigl (2013a)
Draft Picks Signed by Texas
IF Josh Altmann (2015/22)
RHP Blake Bass (2015/8)
LHP Adam Choplick (2015/14)
OF Ledarious Clark (2015/12)
RHP Tyler Davis (2015/23)
LF Darius Day (2014/23)
RHP Peter Fairbanks (2015/9)
RHP Tyler Ferguson (2015/6)
IF Ti'Quan Forbes (2014/2)
OF Scott Heineman (2015/11)
LHP Clyde Kendrick (2015/27)
RHP Jake Lemoine (2015/4)
IF Josh Morgan (2014/3)
RHP Mike Matuella (2015/3)
LHP CD Pelham (2015/33)
C Isaias Quiroz (2014/20)
C Tyler Sanchez (2015/17)
RHP Jake Shortslef (2015/26)
LHP Jeffrey Springs (2015/30)
International Free Agents
RHP Israel Cruz (2014)
IF Yonny Hernandez (2014)
IF Andy Ibanez (2015/19)
RHP Luis Lopez (2013a)
OF Franklin Rollin (2013a)
RHP Reiver Sanmartin (2015/19)
C Melvin Novoa (2013a)
Trade Acquisitions
OF Willie Calhoun (2015/4)
Draft Picks Signed by Texas
RHP Reid Anderson (2016/17)
RHP Joe Barlow (2016/11)
RHP Hever Bueno (2016/9)
RHP Kyle Cody (2016/6)
RHP Scott Engler (2016/16)
RHP Demarcus Evans (2015/25)
RHP Kaleb Fontenot (2016/21)
RHP Derek Heffel (2016/14)
RHP Marc Iseneker (2016/28)
OF Eric Jenkins (2015/2)
LHP Lucas Jacobsen (2016/27)
OF Nick Kaye (2015/15)
C Alex Kowalczyk (2016/12)
IF Charles Leblanc (2016/4)
IF Stephen Lohr (2016/20)
OF Austin O'Banion (2016/37)
IF Jonah McReynolds (2016/13)
C Clayton Middleton (2016/22)
RHP Tyler Phillips (2015/16)
LHP Kyle Roberts (2016/5)
OF Preston Scott (2016/34)
OF Chad Smith (2015/5)
1B Curtis Terry (2015/13)
RHP Tai Tiedemann (2016/8)
LHP Christian Torres (2016/30)
International Free Agents
OF Miguel Aparicio (2015)
IF Cristian Inoa (2015)
OF Leody Taveras (2015)
IF Anderson Tejeda (2014a)
C Francisco Ventura (2015)
Trade Acquisitions
OF Willie Calhoun (2015/4)
IF Brendon Davis (2015/5)
Draft Picks Signed by Texas
RHP Dylan Bice (2016/23)
RHP Jean Casanova (2016/35)
IF Kole Enright (2016/3)
C Sam Huff (2016/7)
OF Marcus Mack (2016/18)
LHP Kenny Mendoza (2016/24)
LHP Cole Ragans (2016/1)
RHP Alex Speas (2016/2)
OF Kobie Taylor (2016/15)
RHP Tyree Thompson (2016/26)
International Free Agents
IF Juan Almonte (2016)
C David Garcia (2016)
OF Leuri Lejia (2016)
IF Luis La O (2017/19)
IF Yanio Perez (2017/19)
Trade Acquisitions
RHP A.J. Alexy (2016/11)
Miscellaneous Players
RHP Dylan Bice (2016/23)
RHP Jean Casanova (2016/35)
IF Kole Enright (2016/3)
C Sam Huff (2016/7)
OF Marcus Mack (2016/18)
LHP Kenny Mendoza (2016/24)
LHP Cole Ragans (2016/1)
RHP Alex Speas (2016/2)
OF Kobie Taylor (2016/15)
International Free Agents

Draft Picks still with Rangers:
2007 - 0
2008 - 1 (Kevin Torres)
2009 - 1 (Tanner Scheppers)
2010 - 5 (Drew Robinson, Brett Nicholas, Jimmy Reyes, Jared Hoying, Alex Claudio)
2011 - 3 (Connor Sadzeck, Ryan Rua, Nick Martinez)
2012 - 6 (Joey Gallo, Collin Wiles, Preston Beck, Royce Bolinger, Keone Kela, Chuck Moorman)
2013 - 10 (Chi Chi Gonzalez, David Ledbetter, Isiah Kiner-Falefa, Sam Wolff, Nick Gardewine, Evan Van Hoosier, Cole Wiper, Luke Lanphere, Joe Palumbo, Sal Mendez)
2014 -16 (Ti'Quan Forbes, Josh Morgan, Brett Martin, Wes Benjamin, Jose Trevino, Scott Williams, Joe Filomeno, Reed Garrett, Isaias Quiroz, Darius Day, Austin Pettibone, Luke Tendler, Cody Palmquist, John Fasola, Adam Parks, Nick Dignacco)
2015 - 21 (Eric Jenkins, Mike Matuella, Jake Lemoine, Chad Smith, Tyler Ferguson, Blake Bass, Peter Fairbanks, Scott Heineman, Ledarious Clark, Curtis Terry, Adam Choplick, Nick Kaye, Tyler Phillips, Tyler Sanchez, Josh Altmann, Tyler Davis, Demarcus Evans, Jacob Shortslef, Blaine Prescott, Jeff Springs, C.D. Pelham)
2016 - 29 (Cole Ragans, Alex Speas, Kole Enright, Charles Leblanc, Kyle Roberts, Kyle Cody, Sam Huff, Tai Tiedemann, Hever Bueno, Joe Barlow, Alex Kowalczyk, Jonah McReynolds, Derek Heffel, Kobie Taylor, Scott Engler, Reid Anderson, Marcus Mack, Stephen Lohr, Kaleb Fontenot, Clay Middleton, Dylan Bice, Kenny Mendoza, Tyree Thompson, Lucas Jacobsen, Marc Iseneker, Christian Torres, Preston Scott, Jean Casanova, Austin O'Banion)