Updated 19 July 2014

Caveat: I'll occasionally confirm a player's status with someone in the organization, but on the whole, this is my personally constructed list, not a team press release. Don't plan your life events around its accuracy. Let me know at @scottrlucas if you see a mistake.

--2 = Player was eligible previous season and not selected (--3 = 3rd year eligible)
IFA = International Free Agent
IFA19 = International Free Agent signed over age of 18 (affects eligiblity)
* = IFA who signed contract for subsequent season (most are signed this way). A typical 2013 J2 won't be R5 eligible until after 2018. Some players (Alfaro, e.g.) signed between January 1 and July 1 and began playing that season, and their clock starts immediately.
NDFA = non-drafted free agent

Not listed: Most international free agents who haven't reached the US, most AAA vets.

Baseball America preseason top 30 in bold.

After 2014 / Potential FA After 2014 After 2015 After 2016 After 2017 After 2018
US Players Signed by Texas
LHP Michael Kirkman (2005/5, DFA'ed)
C Kevin Torres (2008/45)
International Free Agents
C Tomas Telis (2007*/IFA) -- 3
IF Edwin Garcia (2007*/IFA) -- 3
RHP Franc. Mendoza (2008/IFA19) -- 3
RHP Jose Monegro (2008/IFA) -- 3
Other Free Agents
RHP Nate Adcock (FA)
IF A. Buchholz (MiLB R5, 2008/6) -- 3
LHP Edwar Cabrera (waivers, DFAed)
RHP Jon Edwards (FA)
LHP Martire Garcia (FA)
RHP Jason Knapp (FA)
RHP Che-Hsuan Lin (FA)
RHP Kyle Lotzkar (FA)
OF Bryan Petersen (FA)
RHP Kevin Pucetas (FA)
IF Guilder Rodriguez (FA)
RHP Zach Russell (FA)
UT Kensuke Tanaka (FA)
US Players Signed by Texas
OF Trever Adams (2011/16)
LHP Chad Bell (2009/14) -- 3
RHP Cody Buckel (2010/2)
LHP Alex Claudio (2010/27)
OF Zach Cone (2011/1s)
C Kellin Deglan (2010/1)
RHP Jerad Eickhoff (2011/15)
OF Chris Grayson (2011/13)
OF Jared Hoying (2010/10) -- 2
RHP Luke Jackson (2010/1s)
RHP Phil Klein (2011/30)
LHP Will Lamb (2011/2)
RHP Nick McBride (2009/5) -- 2
C Brett Nicholas (2010/6) -- 2
LHP Jimmy Reyes (2010/7) -- 2
IF Drew Robinson (2010/4)
RHP Ryan Rodebaugh (2010/15) -- 2
IF Ryan Rua (2011/17)
RHP Connor Sadzeck (2011/11)
OF Jake Skole (2010/1s)
OF Ryan Strausborger (2010/16) -- 2
LHP Gregory Williams (2011/12)
International Free Agents
IF Hanser Alberto (2009*/IFA)
C Jorge Alfaro (2010/IFA)
RHP Dario Beltre (2009*/IFA)
OF Diego Cedeno (2010/IFA)
RHP Abel de los Santos (2010/IFA)
OF Chris Garia (2009*/IFA)
IF Odubel Herrera (2008*/IFA) -- 2
RHP Angelo Leclerc (2010*/IFA19)
RHP Arlett Mavare (2008*/IFA) -- 2
IF Luis Mendez (2009*/IFA)
OF Teodoro Martinez (2008*/IFA) -- 2
RHP David Perez (2009*/IFA)
LHP Luis Parra (2008*/IFA) -- 2
LHP Victor Payano (2010/IFA)
RHP Randol Rojas (2008*/IFA) -- 2
Trade Acquisitions
RHP Randy Henry (2009/4) -- 2
RHP Spencer Patton (2011/24
US Players Signed by Texas
RHP Alec Asher (2012/4)
OF Preston Beck (2012/5)
OF Royce Bolinger (2012/6)
RHP Ryan Bores (2012/27)
C Pat Cantwell (2012/3)
RHP Kyle Castro (2011/3)
LHP Andrew Faulkner (2011/14)
OF Saquan Johnson (2011/28)
RHP Keone Kela (2012/12)
RHP Cody Kendall (2012/8)
C David Lyon (2012/34)
LHP Kevin Matthews (2011/1)
RHP Josh McElwee (2012/20)
LHP Ryne Slack (2012/NDFA)
RHP Tyler Smith (2012/19)
LHP Sam Stafford (2012/13)
IF Nick Vickerson (2011/20)
International Free Agents
IF Elio Castillo (2010*/IFA)
OF Jose Cardona (2011/IFA)
IF Smerling Lantigua (2010*/IFA)
RHP Jose Leclerc (2010*/IFA)
LHP Frank Lopez (2010*/IFA)
IF Luis Marte (2010*/IFA)
RHP Richelson Pena (2011/IFA)
RHP Ricardo Rodriguez (2010*/IFA)
IF Alberto Triunfel (2010*/IFA)
IF Nick Urbanus (2010*/IFA)
RHP Kelvin Vasquez (2011/IFA)
RHP Jose Valdespina (2011/IFA)
IF Fernando Vivili (2010*/IFA)
Trade Acquisitions
IF Christopher Bostick (2011/44)
US Players Signed by Texas
OF Lewis Brinson (2012/1)
IF Janluis Castro (2012/16)
OF Ryan Cordell (2013/11)
RHP Chris Dula (2013/25)
LHP Cody Ege (2013/15)
IF Joey Gallo (2012/1s)
RHP Nick Gardewine (2013/7)
RHP Alex Gonzalez (2013/1)
C Marcus Greene (2013/16)
C Joe Jackson (2013/5)
C Sherman Lacrus (2013/27)
RHP David Ledbetter (2013/3)
RHP Ryan Ledbetter (2013/19)
C Charles Moorman (2012/17)
RHP Easton Napiontek (2013/34)
LHP Luis Pollorena (2013/23)
RHP Justin Sprenger (2013/29)
C Brett Teschner (2013/NDFA)
LHP Derek Thompson (2013/12)
IF Evan Van Hoosier (2013/8)
RHP Collin Wiles (2012/1s)
OF Nick Williams (2012/2)
RHP Cole Wiper (2013/10)
RHP Sam Wolff (2013/6)
International Free Agents
OF Jairo Beras (2012/IFA)
OF Oliver Caraballo (2011*/IFA)
RHP Felix Carvallo (2011*/IFA)
IF Ronald Guzman (2011*/IFA)
C Carlos Garay (2011*/IFA)
RHP Omarlin Lopez (2012*/IFA19)
LHP Yohander Mendez (2011*/IFA)
OF Nomar Mazara (2011*/IFA)
OF Eduard Pinto (2011*/IFA)
US Players Signed by Texas
RHP Andrew Barnett (2014/NFDA)
RHP Akeem Bostick (2013/2)
LHP Michael Clark (2014/NDFA)
IF Travis Demeritte (2013/1)
LHP Nick Dignacco (2014/40)
RHP John Fasola (2014/31)
LHP Joe Filomeno (2014/15)
RHP Reed Garrett (2014/16)
RHP Nick Green (2014/7)
RHP Jason Hoppe (2014/27)
RHP Darrell Hunter (2014/NDFA)
RHP Pat Kaminska (2014/NDFA)
IF Isaiah Kiner-Falefa (2013/4)
RHP Lucas Lanphere (2013/21)
LHP Brett Martin (2014/4)
LHP Shane McCain (2014/NDFA)
RHP Austin Pettibone (2014/24)
RHP Cody Palmquist (2014/30)
LHP Joseph Palumbo (2013/30)
RHP Adam Parks (2014/33)
LHP Jacob Raffaele (2014/NDFA)
RHP Storm Rynard (2014/34)
C Seth Spivey (2014/10)
IF Zach Stephens (2014/NDFA)
RHP Erik Swanson (2014/8)
OF Luke Tendler (2014/29)
IF Jose Trevino (2014/6)
OF Doug Votolato (2014/9)
RHP Joe Watson (2014/12)
RHP Scott Williams (2014/11)
LHP Sterling Wynn (2014/21)
International Free Agents
OF Carlos Arroyo (2012*/IFA)
RHP Ariel Jurado (2012*/IFA)
OF Todd McDonald (2013/IFA)
IF Juremi Profar (2012*/IFA)
US Players Signed by Texas
RHP Gio Abreu (2014/14)
LF Darius Day (2014/23)
IF Tiquan Forbes (2014/2)
IF Joshua Morgan (2014/3)
RHP Luis Ortiz (2014/1)
C Isaias Quiroz (2014/20)
International Free Agents
OF Jose Almonte (2013*/IFA)
IF Michael De Leon (2013*/IFA)
RHP Marcos Diplan (2013*/IFA)
RHP Emerson Martinez (2013*/IFA)
IF Yeyson Yrizarri (2013*/IFA)