Oklahoma Redhawks Vs Round Round Express, 3 May 2006

Joaquin Arias
John Rheinecker and Scott Feldman
Vince Sinisi
Jason Botts
Rashad Eldridge
Jason Hirsh (Round Rock)
Tim Ireland
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The story: Scoreless in the bottom of the sixth, a runner on second and two out. Oklahoma's John Rheinecker delivered strike three to Luke Scott. However, catcher Jamie Burke didn't field the pitch cleanly and also didn't tag Scott or throw to first. He simply gave the ball to the umpire. As the Redhawks jogged toward the dugout, Scott first wandered toward his dugout as if conceding the last out, then shrugged and casually jogged to first while the runner on second ran home. Express manager Jackie Moore complained that Oklahoma never recorded the third out, and after a conference, the umps awarded Scott first and a run to Round Rock.

Redhawks manager Tim Ireland promptly erupted from the dugout and expressed his dissent in colorful fashion. The plate ump ejected Ireland, who kicked chalk all the way up the third-base line as he departed. After an eighteen-minute delay, the umps seemd to compromise between Moore's and Ireland's arguments, granting Scott first but holding the other runner at third. Rheinecker struck out Royce Huffman to end the inning without a score.

Ireland provides the fans bonus entertainment during a game that featured only seven baserunners during the first six innings.

John Rheinecker and Joaquin Arias chat while Tim Ireland vents.

Joaquin Arias and Vince Sinisi discuss who they met on Sixth Street last night.

Round Rock's Brooks Conrad and Royce Huffman discuss whether Arias and Sinisi have prettier girlfriends than they do.